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Through E-suite we leverage our capability of large volume data collection and transform the raw information into usable data set for Lead Generation and Customer Acquisition. E-Suite by Ematrix Solutions is a comprehensive suite of Digital business marketing solutions which helps businesses of all kind to increase sales revenue.
E-suite offers a range of marketing solutions for businesses large and small with a flexible suite of data-driven solutions that can add insight into every stage of the sales and marketing process.

E-Suite Solutions includes:

  • 1. Lead Generation
  • 2. Analytics
  • 3. Microsites
  • 4. Search
  • 5. Campaign Management

Excel eServices is the data division of Ematrix Solutions dedicated towards providing Lead Generation solutions that you and your business need to grow and prosper

8 Strategies For B2B Marketing Success :

  • 1. Play The Volume Game
  • 2. Assess The Quality Situation
  • 3. Take An Extra Step In Qualifying Your Leads
  • 4. Get Feedback
  • 5. Assess The Targeting Situation
  • 6. Persona Research
  • 7. Messaging Alignment
  • 8. Measure, Analyze, And Hold Accountable

B2B Marketing Plan - Goals & Objectives

  • 1. Introduce my company to the market (develop company brand)
  • 2. Introduce my products or services to the market
  • 3. Introduce a new product/service to an existing market or markets
  • 4. Introduce a new product/service to a new market?
  • 5. Increase my market share
  • 6. Stop market share erosion from competitors
  • 7. Develop new market segments for my product/service
  • 8. Increase profit margins
  • 9. Improve my product service sales mix
  • 10. Implement a new small business pricing strategy

Define Your Target Markets

  • 1. Geography
  • 1. Company size by sales volume, or number of employees, or both
  • 2. We research specific data about each industry and target market segment including:
  • 3. Target Market Qualifiers- other unique aspects that further define your sales prospects
  • 4. Prospect Contacts by Title (B2B Data Lists)
  • B2B Marketing Plan - Initial Marketing Assessment

    • 1. Review your current marketing materials & activities
    • 2. Review your company strengths & weaknesses
    • 3. Review your key competitors' marketing materials and marketing positioning
    • 4. Research current industry trends that impact your business

    B2B Marketing Plan - Define Current Business Problems

    • 1. Short, medium and long term issues
    • 2. Formulate client problems from a customer centric marketing prospective

    B2B Marketing Plan - Outline Client Solutions

    • 1. Short, medium and long term solutions your firm can offer
    • 2. Formulate marketing solutions from a customer centric marketing prospective

    B2B Marketing Plan - Create Customer Centric Communications Messages

    • 1. Why your company is best suited to provide a particular business solution
    • 2. Your solution/benefits
    • 3. Develop benefit claims from a customer centric point of view
    • 4. Craft product/service benefits
    • 5. Create a unique selling proposition that differentiates you from your competitors

    B2B Marketing Plan - Provide Specific Marketing Recommendations

    • 1. Strategic recommendations both, short and long term
    • 2. Tactical recommendations for immediate action items
    • 3. Assessment of marketing distribution methods e.g., (trade advertising, direct mail, email marketing, telemarketing, etc.)
    • 4. Customer centric promotional offers - offers that benefit your customer first
    • 5. Timetable of specific marketing activities
    • 6. B2B Marketing Campaign Analysis